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Intuition is now a science.

Bring relevance to your data and get to know your customers—really know your customers. With the Singularities Engine, your customers’ interests and beliefs are discovered and satisfied.

What Is Singularities?

Simply put, we offer the most precise, intelligent and comprehensive clients and agents modeling system. The goal of Singularities is to enable you to interact with your customers dynamically, in an autonomous way to offer products and information adjusted to their personal needs, interests, lifestyle and preferences by their context in real time, with minimal setup and maintenance.

An Integrated Solution

We believe computer systems can improve life in a more profound way if they were to model and understand our belief and interests. Singularties’ mission is to embed these models into all experiences of people with machines.

Looking Forward

Our vision is to provide the best models of customer’s desires, behaviors, opinions, and beliefs using solid principles and very intuitive solutions that are easy to use and integrate into business and life.