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Aleph AI

With a unique proprietary Machine Reasoning (MR) engine and incorporating our own and third-party state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms, we offer a customizable set of solutions to solve diverse business challenges.

AIaaS for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence developed to solve business problems easily and efficiently


Subject-Oriented AI

Obtain more precise results by studying individual subjects on their own or as part of a group

Machine Reasoning

Unique patented technology capable of applying logic to solve problems


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Aleph Lab

Build your own models and solutions using our Machine Reasoning engine as your backbone.


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Specialized solutions for the logistics, financial, and retail industries.                                           

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Enterprise AI Services

We can develop a custom-made solution in just a few months.

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Aleph Suite is designed to be the next level of machine intelligence by exploiting data available in ERPs and other private and public data sources