Predictive modeling and analysis of any event that
has an impact on business performance

Your Forecasting Needs

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Sales Forecasts


Use Aleph to have computers crunch numbers and predict short-term and long-term sales performance at any given moment. You be able to obtain results in a fraction of the time and cost expected from other systems, and also guarantee a much higher accuracy that continues to improve as the system keeps learning on its own.

Production Forecasts

Manage production intuitively

All forecasting is subject to error and change, but that’s where Aleph excels. By employing state-of-the-art algorithms, training along industry professionals, and taking into consideration a huge amount of variables, Aleph adapts itself to adjust its production forecasts as trends and other factors change.

Benefits From Adopting This Solution

Sales Forecasts

Sales management optimisation

Allocate resources strategically and improve sales performance goals, tracking, and efficiency

Improve financial calculations

Show a clear picture of future performance and bring predictability to your cash flow management

Enhance the buyers journey

Anticipate sales and stages of the buyers journey to personalize offers, provide a better experience, and focus on targeted accounts

Production Forecasts

Extremely accurate forecasts

Anticipate the production of raw materials for each day with months in advance

Optimize processes

Optimize the inventory process, production operations, and sales forecasts

Automated updates

Have the system take care of performing periodic updates to factor in any changes that may affect the output of future dates 

The Process

Select a solution

Select one or more solutions that solve your needs and contact us to get started

Provide us the data

Once you are sure, purchase the solution and provide us with the necessary data to optimize the solution for you

Parameterization Process

In this stage we work along you for a couple of weeks in order to configure the solution and optimize its results

Deploy the solution

Once the solution has been parameterized, it is deployed into a production environment for its immediate use

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