Aleph OTIF
Optimize service levels and resource utilization in your supply chain 


Win early, evolve faster 

Aleph OTIF is an AI-based supply chain solution that easily extracts agent behaviors and constraints from ERP databases to rapidly maximize service levels while minimizing risks and costs in your supply chain.

Leveraging our machine learning and reasoning platform, agents can increasingly integrate data from additional sources to enhance their capabilities and sophistication and, as a result, the impact of your value chain.


    Optimize supply flows                 

    Achieve the highest possible service levels (measured as on-time and in-full deliveries) by optimizing plans and schedules over time and space on arbitrarily complex supply networks with variable planning horizons, commitments, business policies and transportation and inventory constraints.

    Reduce transportation and inventory risks                 

    Secure optimal service levels by cutting down inconvenient and risky transportation and inventory movements, thereby smoothing flows and minimizing exposure to overcapacity events.

    Maximize resource productivity

    Guarantee optimal human and capital resource allocation by involving knowledge worker agents in a mathematical process that take into account complex and nonlinear business policies as well as transportation and inventory costs. In this way, the system allows your team to focus on managing strategic system limitations.

    Adapt to dynamic environments

    Maintain the robustness of your supply chain by continuously adapting to the dynamics of today's business requirements, anticipating uncertainties and taking prescriptive actions.

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    Features and advantages



    Adapts to the particulars of the many actors and echelons in the supply network with their own capabilities and restrictions

    Ease of deployment 

    Augments existing ERP infrastructure in a non-intrusive manner, extending their capacities to satisfy stronger requirements

    Priority management 

    Takes into account customer priority while also maintaining uniformity of usage of transportation and warehousing capacities through time


    Breaks down data silos by managing every aspect of your distribution and inventory network as a single entity with precision, control and responsiveness to real-time changes


    Allows the introduction of new agent types and data sources to satisfy increasingly complex and sophisticated requirements 


    Leverages the latest large-scale parallel processing engines to produce actionable solutions in a short time

    Functional summary

    Aleph OTIF empowers customer support departments, demand planners (production, supply, and inventory) and transportation managers with an automation solution that allows them to focus on strategic decisions, while closely monitoring and visualizing system performance at different levels of granularity. 

    Agent descriptions and behaviors are extracted from ERPs by Aleph OTIF.  Agents could be factories, suppliers, means of transportation, warehouses, distribution centers, customers, etc.  Behaviors range from transportation routes and inventory capacities and costs to more sophisticated policies, models, statistics and rules that can be inferred from historical and transactional data using the Aleph Lab functionalities. 

    During a given planning cycle, Aleph OTIF receives ongoing product existences and transportation commitments (the Base Plan), together with confirmed and forecasted demands. This information is passed to a knowledge worker, which manages the mathematical optimization and smoothing processes to produce a new optimal Operation Plan that complies with committed delivery times and business policies. In addition to optimal movement suggestions, every Operation Plan contains important statistics such as service levels, savings in transportation and inventory management, and overall risk reduction.