Aleph KYC
AI agents for consumer finance

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Many customers, many models

Aleph KYC is an agent-based personalization modeling solution for consumer finance and retail applications. Given arbitrarily large and diverse collections of data such as transactional databases, loyalty programs, credit bureaus and demographic surveys, our unique amalgamation of machine learning and reasoning produces personalized models for a variety of scenarios such as risk analysis, product recommendation, what-if analysis and pricing.

Aleph KYC use cases

Personalized creditworthiness assessments
Our unique blend of machine learning methods can process heterogenous, noisy and sparse datasets to obtain reliable and actionable models for credit risk assessment at the individual level and minimize global turnover rates

Real-time product recommendation
With our proprietary machine reasoning technology, we create interactive personalized models for recommendations based on the choices and behaviors of each agent during a specific visit and adapts accordingly, providing relevant and reliable recommendations

Agent surveying and what-if analysis
Given a large collection of behavioral models for each customer or agent, our technology is capable of running population-wide surveys and questionnaires in order to measure the aggregate response to a given stimulus, such as seasonal discounts or marketing campaigns

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Consumes data from heterogeneous sources with varying levels of quality and noise


Easily handles arbitrarily large datasets with different levels for personalization


Builds individualized models centered on each particular customer's beliefs and behaviors


Provides simple and intuitive APIs allowing easy integration with customer and third-party applications

Some results


85%+ precision in creditworthiness assessment for a local subprime lending company—despite the existing scarce, noisy datasets on non-banked individuals



Fully automated financial product recommendation model for a regional retail banking institution, leading to a 10%+ increase in conversion rates


Highly personalized transaction pricing models for a loyalty management Fintech company