What We Solve for You

As the saying goes, “the only constant in life is change.” Arguably, the most important feature of Singularities is that it models the patterns of decisions and beliefs of customers or systems. We provide a precise, autonomous, and simple solution for applications requiring higher automatic response in the convergence between online and traditional commerce fueled by mobility, as well as the convergence of engineering and scientific applications fueled by the Internet of Things.

Capture precise customer insights and a fully actionable understanding of the way they will take decisions according to ongoing information.

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  • Beliefs

    Existent states of interests, opinions, preferences, and facts.

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  • Behaviors

    Behaviors, learned from past customer actions

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  • Change

    New observations or facts


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    Singularities discovers sophisticated patterns of beliefs, interests, and behaviors.

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    Intelligent models make sense of even the most irrational data.

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    Efficient calculations generate the simulated flow of customer beliefs.

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    Foreseeing the potential consequences of new actions and contextual situations.

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    Real-time situation tracking and response ideal for the Internet of Things.

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    A broad range of use cases, from automated management of real customer interactions to other knowledge keeping situations.

How It Works

Getting started is simple. Plug in your data sources and Singularities will generate your customer's models as web services that you can interact with; specify some policies or constrains if desired; define your user interactions; then adjust your data and questions as needed.

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    Step 1

    Feeding the Engine

    Enter historic, transactional, and profiling information from your customers. Our system consumes from single sources to collections of complex real-time evolving data sets.

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    Step 2

    Learning Phase

    Allow the Singularities engine to learn from the data using state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms, refining

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    Step 3

    Change and Adaptation

    Interact with the models thru Web Services and download the flow of models into your computer.



Singularities uses the latest theories of belief and change to provide the most exact and intelligent results.


The system intelligent self-learning and changing capabilities independently manage the interaction with massive customer numbers and devices.

Intrinsic and Simple

Using API and web services, you ask the models their positions about situations, and request them to retract or revise their beliefs according to new information.

Adjustable and extendable

Our partners complement your experience with a collection of sophisticated data management and analysis tools to enrich your customers understanding.

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