• Singularities: Intuition is now a Science

    Singularities creates true beliefs models of situations, interests, and behaviors. For real-world insight, it goes farther, continuously interacting with customers in an autonomous way and adapting to his preferences and responses.

    Source: Singularities

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  • People Aware Technologies - Technical White Paper

    "Know your customer" - Organizations engage in different levels of understanding what their customers buy and why, what their real needs are, their influencers and the way they like to be served. However, do these organisations really know their customers?
    Enter Singularities. Singularities is a well-founded platform that learns stores and interacts with comprehensive and precise models of individual entities so they can be used in simulations, predictions, diagnosis, recommendations and exploration of ways to influence behaviors under diverse scenarios.

    Source: Singularities Technical White Paper

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  • On the Knowledge Representation Capabilities of a Modal Logic

    This paper presents some interesting research results on the knowledge representability of the Z Modal Logic. These results are the applications of the postulates presented by Peter Gärdenfors, for an episthemological theory, on the validation of a generalized version of the "Frame Axiom", originally proposed by F. Brown et al. for nonmonotonic reasoning.

    Source: Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium. Year 1994

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