We want to partner with you.

Whether you are a software consultant, a product manager, a salesman, or marketing director – if you are looking for a competitive edge, you’re in the right place. We improve business intelligence tools and processes, transforming them from crude analytic data into intelligent automated customer response systems. Working together, we will create intelligent business processes that can improve your bottom line, through more automation and the most sophisticated way for anticipating and responding to customers reactions and decisions.

Independent Software Vendors

Companies that want to integrate state-of-the-art intelligent functionalities beyond analytics into their products and services aimed at improving customer experience, customization, sales, and care to customers needs and responses.

Environments where customization is important, reaction time and precision are of the essence, and where customers loyalty is based on deep understanding of the specific needs.

Systems Integrators

Serving SME companies, which do not have the budget and tools required to understand their customers at the most sophisticated level, and require solutions that can behave in the most autonomous, hassle free way, and with economies of scale.

BI Solutions Distributors

Distributors seeking to move their customers from the buzz of big data and data science into truly intelligent, value adding, highly autonomous systems, recurrent revenue, that can integrate with a variety of data sources to produce unified multi-dimensional, multi-channel perspectives of their customers data.

Environmental Engineering Shops

Those looking for intelligent information unification tools that can complement their software and hardware solutions with autonomic systems capable of learn by themselves, generate the best hypothesis so far of the observable phenomena; and automatically adjust to the real-life proof.