Performance Optimized for Industry

Real-time contextual data provides actionable insights into your customers and markets. Your decisions are well informed and backed by real-time business intelligence.

Sales and Customer Service

With real-time information at their fingertips, customer service departments and call centers perform with increased efficiency, making every customer interaction a five-star experience.


Implement sales automation with deep understanding of customer’s core needs and desires to create richer and more vivid models of your customers, allowing for a tailored experience that drives higher sales and customer satisfaction.


Understand your customers from every angle with the most precise and comprehensive customer models. Improve your marketing strategy with true precision for lucrative results.

Business Intelligence

Discover new opportunities when you have historical, current, and predictive views of customers and business operations. Move on opportunities with confidence, knowing you have the most reasoned and accurate information at your fingertips.

Web Analytics

Learn exactly how people are using the products in your digital ecosystem. Drive sales, increase customer engagement, and improve the experience of your website, apps, and other user touchpoints.

Financial Services

Singularities tames the massive amount of financial data generated each day. Whether it’s banking, investing, or financial planning and services, you will discover the best solutions while mimimizing risk.

The Internet of Things

Ecosystemic understanding is the next exciting, yet complex frontier. Singularities makes sense of all the discrepant information, giving your company an edge in areas such as environmental engineering, scientific information systems, hypothesis formation, and dynamic validation and adjustment.

Food and Beverage

Understand and react to your customer preferences and customization predictive requirements, and react to their response when the proposed recommendation is selected as well as when it is not to generate the most satisfactory experience.