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Hands-on consulting services 

Singularities' team of highly-qualified data science and AI professionals, with deep experience in supply chain management and consumer finance, can help you extend functionalities, extract more value from your data, make better decisions and cover new key business scenarios.

Working together with our partners, our team is uniquely qualified to help you unlock the full potential benefits of Aleph solutions.


AI consulting services

Once an Aleph solution is deployed, further adjusting and evolving its functionality can dramatically impact the effectivity of your company.

Beyond helping in the deployment of Aleph solutions, our AI Consulting Services will allow you to generate results in a short time frame by leveraging our existing AI infrastructure and skill set, simplifying testing and deployment processes, and reducing costs.

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Why Us

We have a team of highly-qualified data scientists, award-winning machine learning experts, and seasoned software engineers directly involved in the development of the Aleph stack.

More importantly, we know and care about the great opportunity that technology represents in today's highly competitive and shifting environment, and we go the extra mile to help you achieve your business goals.

Nearshore consulting in Costa Rica

IT consulting services in Costa Rica provides a wide array of benefits, such as reduced labor costs without sacrificing quality, cultural compatibility with the US, similar time zone (GMT -6; equivalent to CST during DST) and geographic proximity with multiple daily flights to and from main US cities.

Known for its political stability and commitment to education and environmental sustainability, Costa Rica is a corporate business hub hosting over 350 multinational companies, and has been consistently ranked as a top nearshore outsourcing destination.

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