Current Opportunities

We are looking for software developers with knowledge in machine learning techniques and big data implementations, with background in formal methods, and expertise with languages such as Java, and Phyton in embedded systems. If you are looking for a place where to launch your career, we have a few intern positions available now in our Research & Development lab in Costa Rica, based in beautiful Paraíso, Cartago.

We work closely with the local university , Tecnológico de Costa Rica which is nearby.


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    Be part of a family on a revolutionizing company.

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    Work with the most advanced concepts in AI, machine learning, and big data.

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    Highly experienced and caring professionals workmates.

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    Highly competitive compensation packages.

Stay current and stay ahead. Beyond competitive compensation packages, we advocate our company to compete based on our talent and technical growth through a continuous, hands-on, supervised educational and research oriented work environment. The senior management team while laser focused on the company strategy and execution, believe in a culture of mentorship and inclusion to accelerate the development of our interns and software engineers. However don't take our word for it, here are the impressions from some of our initial hires:

"Being an intern at Singularities has been great. Working with Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms has been a really fun and an incredible learning experience. The few months I have spent here as an intern have sparked my interest in a lot of very difficult but really fun areas of computing which I did not know before. Singularities has a fantastic work environment and I have the chance to work with, and learn from, some very intelligent people. Being here from the very start is also one of the most exciting things I have done, I got to see a company being born and play a little part in it." - Felipe Alfaro

"The environment here is nice and friendly. Working in a place where you look out of the window and see trees, a lake and hear birds singing has no price. I think the best thing about working here is that you learn something new everyday. I've learned more in 2 months of work than in 1 semester of university! Also, we have great hackathons and BBQ's very often." - Jimmy Solano