Build and extend agent-based AI solutions

Simple and powerful agent modeling 

Aleph Lab is a next-generation data analysis and personalized model construction tool for developing and supporting AI solutions for business problems. 

Sitting on top of the Aleph platform, the Lab allows data scientists to explore data, obtain valuable insights and generate models of the different traits and behaviors of multiple agents.

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Integration with enterprise data

Capable of extracting, loading and processing enterprise data from multiple sources, ranging from traditional ERP databases to massive data lakes  

Full connectivity 

Provides intuitive and easy-to-use APIs designed to seamlessly apply models with your own third party systems, web services and applications

Intuitive interface

Friendly, simple interface that allows you to use the tool guided by a natural step-by-step process with full visual aids

Personalized ML models

Take advantage of a complete suite of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms designed to produce models for a potentially massive amount of agents present in large datasets

Machine reasoning at scale

Explore and manipulate entire populations of models, construct surveys and test your hypotheses

Extend Aleph OTIF and KYC for finance agents

Integrate additional data sources, generate new agents or enrich existing ones