The Next Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

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Beyond the cutting edge 

Aleph combines cutting-edge Machine Learning technology and a one-of-a-kind Machine Reasoning engine with a subject-oriented methodology. It is because of this unique approach that its capacity goes beyond that of other AI technologies.


Subject Oriented

Aleph works by modeling digital twins of real entities, taking into account beliefs, behaviours, and contextual changes for each subject (person, item, or another), and studying them individually. This allows us to understand each subject on its own, as well as obtaining high-quality results when studying groups.

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Machine Reasoning

Most contemporary Artificial Intelligence solutions leverage the recent exceptional advances in Machine Learning, but do not apply logic to analyze and solve new problems. Machine Reasoning is what allows computers to do exactly that, and we have it figured out!

Automated discoveries

Aleph discovers sophisticated belief, interests, and behavioural patterns

Make sense of all your data

Our intelligent models can obtain results even with highly disorganized data

Create virtual replicas of you customers

Efficient calculations generate the simulated flow of customer beliefs

Anticipate the future

Foresee the potential consequences of new actions and contextual situations

IoT ready

Real-time tracking and ideal response time to work with the Internet of Things

Unlimited potential

Solve a broad range of use cases and pretty much any business situation you can think of

How It Works 

Getting started is simple. Plug in your data sources and Aleph will generate your customer's models as web services - which you will be able to interact with - then specify some policies or constraints if desired, define user interactions, and adjust your data as needed.


    Feed the engine

    Step 1

    Enter historic, transactional, and profiling information from your customers. Our system consumes data from single sources, to collections of complex real-time evolving data sets.


    The learning phase

    Step 2

    Allow Aleph to learn from the data by using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms, refining the results with Machine Reasoning and automated learning capabilities throughout the process.

  • Change and adaptation

    Step 3

    If you choose to analyze the data yourself, you will be able to interact with the models through web services, visualize their results, and download the data for future reference or additional adaptations.


    Automated results

    Step 3

    Should you be using an automated solution that works in the back-end of a production environment, Aleph will process the data behind the scenes, and provide only the specific outputs that are needed in that environment.

Endless Possibilities, Your Choice

Explore your data in depth or automate your processes

Aleph Lab

Like Spreadsheets on Steroids!

Aleph Lab is a next-generation tool for business analysts to explore all types of data. Its simple interface and guides allows anyone to use AI to explore their data with ease.

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Understand Your Channel

One Platform For All Your AI Needs

Understand Your Channel (UYC) is a  modeling system that can learn,  create, understand, and autonomously interact with Channel avatars (being this a Material Supplier, a Service Supplier, a Production Line, a Distributor, or a Customer) to support highly personalized prediction, recommendation, services, and communication. 

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