Enabling practical AI solutions 

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A unique platform

Aleph delivers a personalized, agent-oriented machine learning and reasoning technology to support a more natural problem-solving approach.

Creating digital twins of real-world entities, Aleph considers their particular behaviors, beliefs and manifold interactions as the basis for modeling business solutions.   

Our unique, patented technology allows for modeling agents that act as contextual actors within a system as well as decision making knowledge workers.  Knowledge workers manage complex, nonlinear business policies 


Aleph agents take decisions and adapt autonomously, supported by sound mathematical principles


Applicable to a variety of entities and scenarios in a simple, comprehensive manner


Integrates advanced machine learning algorithms on potentially massive collections of agents with our unique logic-based reasoning platform 


Supported by the leading parallel and distributed cloud computing technologies to serve the highest levels of business complexity

Easy to deploy

Instead of replacing existing IT infrastructures, Aleph augments their capabilities using existing data sources as its starting point


As additional data become available, the capabilities of existing agents can be improved and new agents can be introduced seamlessly over time 

How it works 

Getting started is simple. Aleph standard solutions, such as Aleph OTIF and Aleph KYC for Finance, use existing ERP databases as a starting point to generate elementary agent models. Then, specific policies and constraints can be provided, as well as the user interactions and data adjustments needed to rapidly generate a deployable version of your solution.


    Feed the engine

    Step 1

    Extract historical, transactional, and agent descriptive information for the different actors from your ERP databases. Once the data has been transferred and represented using simple models and templates, Aleph starts its ingestion process


    Specify policies and constrains

    Step 2

    As necessary, provide the engine with spatiotemporal constraints, business policies and other restrictions to guide the operation of knowledge worker agents

  • Try

    Step 3

    At this point, a minimum viable version of the solution should be available for analysis, adjustment, and potential use in the cloud through easily adaptable web services


    ... and Evolve

    Step 4

    Aleph can then integrate external data, generate additional agents or enrich existing ones by employing machine learning and reasoning algorithms provided by Aleph Lab

    Aleph Consulting Services can also improve your solution functionality if it does not fully address your needs

Endless possibilities, ease of delivery


Aleph OTIF for Supply Chain

service and resource OPTIMIZATION in your supply chain

Aleph OTIF is a next-generation optimization tool that follows an agent-oriented paradigm using cutting-edge parallel computing, operations research, and machine learning and reasoning technologies to provide multi-echelon, dynamic, and comprehensive supply chain optimization solutions.

Explore Aleph OTIF

Aleph KYC for Consumer Finance


Aleph KYC for Finance can autonomously
 create, learn, understand, and interact with individualized models of financial customers to support highly personalized prediction, recommendation, services, and interactions.

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